The Eagle Dance also known as the Sun dance is one of the seven ceremonial rites in Native American tradition among which are also the sacred pipe and the sweat lodge.

During the week, we condense our intentions and we connect and purify ourselves with sweatlodges. It all builds up to finally acivate our intentions and prayers by dancing for 2 days and part of the night. We dance to honor the wheel of the 5 directions and 2023 will be particularly connected to the EAST direction.

The EAST represents the masculine core energy as well as the freedom of consciousness. This direction will help us to emerge to a new project, to embrace a new life after the dance of the WEST where the feminine core energy (the matrix) enabled us to transform ourselves right down to a cellular level. In the Cherokee tradition, the east symbolizes the Eagle, the rising sun, the emergence of yang energy, the reign of the humans as caretakers of all the other reigns, the rainbow warrior, the creative aspect of sexual energy and dance.  

The eagle is the feminine part of the Majestic and the condor is its masculine part. These animals were and are worshipped in the ancient traditions, especially with the Native Americans. They portray the higher qualities in the human, qualities like Vision and Determination that are both necessary to forge our inner force and make us walk the path of consciousness.

Why do we dance?

We dance to create a space and time necessary to connect to one self and to do some serious but joyful soul-searching and we dance to offer our gratitude to Life in all its forms.

We dance to honor our link with our allies, especially with the animal kingdom (a new animal you can connect to during the shamanic voyage or an animal you already are connected to) but also with our allies from the other reigns: mineral, vegetal, human and beyond.

We dance every year to realign ourselves with our destiny (Ming men) and to shed, like a snake, our old and useless skins that stop us from growing and fulfilling our destiny. To reinforce our personal power, to identify our suffering in our personality, to enact our gratitude to life and to alchemize whatever needs to be alchemized to expand our consciousness.

We dance to receive healing for ourselves and for the collective. We dance for peace, for the earth, for our families and people who are in need, for the vegetation and the animals. We dance the power of love and consciousness.

During this dance, we offer our effort, our emotions, our alimentary fast (it is possible to eat fruit and drink water and tea) and our prayers.

Through the shamanic teachings issued from the body of knowledge of the “Twisted Hair People”, we will experience at first hand the wheel of directions and we will purify and reconnect ourselves during the multiple sweat lodges (sacred sauna).

During this great collective celebration, we can transform our ways of being that our negative and repetitive for us. The sweat lodges and the dance help to restore our vital energy, our well-being, our enthusiasm, our sense of solidarity and cooperation and our sense of connectivity. We can re-establish an intimate relationship with our true inner-self and gain in consciousness as to how we are truly connective beings, connected to the human, animal, vegetal and mineral reigns. In short: O Mitakye Oyasin; We are all connected.


We will be staying in shared rooms of 4 to 6 beds as well as in dormitories of 8 to 11 beds.

The price is 245€ including food when we’re not fasting. For those who can’t fast, food will be provided for at an extra cost of 130 euros.

For those wanting to come in advance, an additional cost of 49 euros will cover 1 night with dinner and breakfast. You can book this option up to 1 month in advance of the ceremony or you can book straight away.

If you have special dietary requirements, please indicate so in the registration form.


  •  Ceremonial week :  350 Euros.
  • Accomodation: 245 Euros. It is essential to remain on the site during the week of the ceremony. 

Place : “Le chalet des Cernois” situated at Grande Rivière (39150) in the Jura area.



Please send 2 checks:

  • One check of 350 euros to Association FIRE. The check will be cashed in the week after the ceremony.
  • One check for 245 Euros + …. to  « Le chalet des Cernois ». The total will depend on the options you choose. You find more detailed information in the registration form . This check will be cashed in the week of the ceremony.

Please note that the check for the ceremonial week of 350 euros is non-refundable and the check for the accommodation is refundable up to the 20 the of August 2023.

Send the 2 checks together with the completed registration form  to Chloé Butori, 137 Rue du château, 38150 Vernioz.

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