Registration Form EAGLE DANCE 2023


Family name:

First name:


Telephone :

E-mail :


* One check of 350 euros to “Association FIRE”. The check will be cashed in the week after the ceremony.

* Base price for accommodation: 245 Euros

   Option: No fasting (for medical or any other well founded reason) 130 euros

   Option: Arriving the day before 1 additional night with dinner and breakfast 49 euros

   One check of 245 euros + options  to “Le chalet des Cernois “.

   This check will be cashed in the week of the ceremony.


* If any special dietary requirements, please indicate so: …


* Interested in carpooling (Yes, No) : write down the city of departure and we’ll send you the coordinates of people in that same area 1 month before the ceremony : …..



Please note that the check for the ceremonial week of 350 euros is non-refundable and the check for the accommodation is refundable up to the 20 the of August 2023.

In case of cancellation of the ceremony by the organizers, all the checks will be reimbursed.