Inscription form Eagle Dance Celebration 2018








Extra night on place: if you want to arrive the day before the ceremony, please write down YES. You need to contact the accommodation site yourself to make the reservation, telephone: +33 4 92 75 24 35 and you will pay them when you are there.


Accommodation in TIPIS: NEW, this year it is possible to offer yourself something out of the usual, you can choose to sleep in a tipi (indian tent). Please write down YES if this appeals to you.

This will only be possible when the conventional rooms are filled up to capacity. More info will be given 1 month before the dance and you will get a refund for the difference in price after the celebration. Please note that you can’t come and stay in your own tent.

The price of the lodging will be substantially lower than indicated. Comfort will also be lower as you will have to share a bathroom and you will have to stay in the Tipi whatever the climate.






To subscribe:

You need to send this inscription form together with

1 cheque to SUNELEUSIS of 320 euros for the ceremony

1 cheque to CHANTEOISEAU of 380 euros for accommodation with meals

to the following address:

  • La Collégiale
  • 28 Rue de cachepiou
  • 38150 Chanas
  • France



The cheque of 320 euros will be cashed during the week following the celebration. If the organisers cancel the ceremony, this cheque will be reimbursed completely.


The cheque of 380 euros for the accommodation including the meals will be cashed on reception in order to reserve the accommodation site. Please note that the cheques will not be reimbursed no matter the date of cancellation or for whatever reason because the costs of the reservation of the accommodation and the organisation are very substantial.